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Advancing bold solutions to the world's most urgent problems

Our Cause Areas

The Navigation Fund offers grants to high-impact organizations and projects that are taking bold action and making significant changes in the following key areas:

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Open Science

Our Open Science Initiative is dedicated to transforming scientific research by enhancing collaboration and innovation. We support tools and approaches that move beyond traditional practices, making scientific knowledge more accessible and impactful.

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Farm Animal Welfare

Factory farming creates both tremendous suffering and significant environmental degradation. We support efforts to reduce animal suffering, reenvision our relationship with animals, and diminish the killing of animals.

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Transforming Criminal Justice

Transforming the U.S. criminal legal system requires confronting inequities that perpetuate mass incarceration and overcriminalization. Through a portfolio approach, we support initiatives that promote decarceration, empower system-impacted people and their communities, rectify historical and ongoing injustices, and pave the way for a future free from carceral system reliance.

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Safe AI

Our Safe AI program is primarily dedicated to understanding and preparing for the rapid development of artificial intelligence. We also fund projects at the intersection of AI and other pressing issues, including those within our own cause areas, to ensure that AI technologies evolve to benefit humanity and address critical challenges.

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Climate Change

Our Climate Change program supports innovative research and underfunded, high-leverage advocacy initiatives to limit or remove emissions. We also fund the study of interventions that mitigate climate impacts and promote a sustainable future.

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